Inside Abu Dhabi’s Sleeping Pod

Jetlag’s has always been everybody’s enemy when traveling over different time zones. Especially when one has to travel from the north to the south of the hemisphere; or from the West to the West of Indonesia. To combat jetlag, I always try to manage my sleep during the travel period. I calculate and consider everything, from the departure time, the total hours of the travel, the transit and my schedule upon arrival. In the past, I had to attend meeting after long journey and had to make sure that I am fully awake for the meetings.

For my trip to Indonesia, I got a bargain, a real good one. However, the ticket including a 14 hours stop over at Abu Dhabi. It was an awfully long stop over and my calculation required me to be sleep during this stop over (and fully awake during the two legs). The first option is of course to find a hotel in Abu Dhabi. Taking a hotel outside of the airport was not a choice, as I have to apply for a visa. The option is limited to stay inside the hotel and I had to choose, to stay in the airport hotel or in the world first sleeping pod. Of course I opted the latter.


Located in the first floor of terminal three, slightly secluded, the Go Sleep, was not easy to find. Blame it to the big and busy airport. After more than 30 minutes walking, I managed to find the place. The check in process took quite a while, more than 7 minutes (I do not normally timing this, but hey, this was my first time). The guy behind the counter was on the phone when I arrived, and during the check in he answered two phone calls and answered queries from two other passers by who then walked away when they saw the price. Pretty efficient check in process.

The introduction to the seat was very quick. The guy handed me an earplug and stored my hand luggage and my hand bagå inside the hidden compartment under the seat. He then showed me how to adjust the seat. Simply put the up and down button, pretty straightforward. Designed and produced in Finland, the pod, to me, looks like a modern coffin with the UK plug (hooray for this) for an electronic device phone and two USB plugs.

The cover itself was very light and must be pulled manually by the hand. There were few big holes in the pod to pull it. Right in front of my face, there were around 9 or 12 holes which allow the air and light to go through. There were not many light in the area, as the light was very minimal, but not too dark. I must say that the pod is perfectly designed and might be fit for those who are claustrophobic.

The damage for 8 hours was around USD 83 (around IDR 1.3 million) . This is excluding the pillow and blanket for additional USD 5 and USD 12 respectively. I chose not to rent them, thinking that I’ll be fine with my little neck pillow. I was of course wrong as the area was quite cold and I had to take out my jumper, which btw didn’t help much. A pillow itself, in my opinion, is not needed as on the top of the seat, there is a head area, covered by a white sheet. For hygiene purpose, they change the cover everytime a new user come.

So how was the sleep? To be completely honest, I was unable to sleep on my first two hours. Perhaps I was too excited. So I took many pictures and uploaded IG stories (please check how the pod looks like in my IG @binibule). It started to be a bit annoying on the third hour, because the area is quite noisy. I could hear kids screaming, crying; adults who are sleeping in a next area (there is a sleeping area next to it). To make it worse, a lazy person behind the desk was trying to make few phone call using loudspeaker and I could hear the dial tone. It was just awfully loud. And in case you are wondering, the earplugs was useless.

If I have another opportunity to sleep in the pod, even if it is free, I would not want to do it. The area where the pods situated are quite noisy and nobody from Go Sleep try to make it quieter. During the 8 hours of my stay there, I probably was only sleep properly for two or three hours. Not to mention that the area is quite far from the toilet and the closest toilet was more than 150 meters away (I tend to drink a lot when travelling). And I would not recommend it to any of you either, unless you have spare cash or trying to get the experience. But really, just stick to the normal hotel with a comfy and real bed.

Okay ciao for now, lunch is being served and one has to enjoy it.

Posting it from the sky

PS: photos will be uploaded as soon as I land. Technical glitch on the air 🙂